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Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day.

Lauren and the three cornered hat.

Mark miraculously convinced Lauren to wear the three cornered hat that I bought her at Mount Vernon. It's the ultimate souvenir.

We spent most of the day appropriately laboring. Mark worked on patching our patio with cement. I made another batch of eggplant rollatiini to freeze and then made moussaka. I didn't have any red wine, so it wasn't really authentic. It came out pretty good, but I'm not wild about nutmeg. Lauren didn't want to eat any at first, and instead asked for more vegetables (Talk about major progress in the food battle!). After I tricked her and mixed in some the ground meat with her veggies, it went down the hatch just fine. George Washington would be proud - if he was Greek.

Happy Labor Day!

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Anonymous said...

this beautiful little girl is probably going to be the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT. Who would not vote for her.