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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday sampler.

Vintage finds.

I'd like to say that I embroidered this, but truth be told the credit goes to some forever unnamed housewife. Whoever she was, she had some serious skills with a needle and a great eye for color. This pretty table scarf and the Big Ben alarm clock were found this weekend at the Wexford General Store. They also had a super nice vintage table cloth that I passed up because it was quite a bit pricier than these items and ruined the feeling that I was getting some bargains.

Triple acorns.

Also this weekend, our area experienced some extremely high winds. We were lucky this time around, as we didn't lose power. However, our backyard is covered with acorns. I was fortunate that I got this shot on the first try because after I took it, Lauren proceed to rip apart this "very rare" triple acorn.

Baby bell peppers

This is first year that Mark is growing bell peppers. I only noticed just yesterday that we were the proud parents of two cute little baby peppers!

Lastly, I must be doing something right because I received a free panty coupon in the mail from Victoria's Secret! The coupon is also good for $10 off a bra. Now the clincher is that I can use this coupon to purchase an IPEX, "the world's most advanced bra," which VS proclaims is:


Now this, ladies, is what we've been fighting for. Not equal pay for equal work, but no nipple show-through.

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