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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The return of fall decorating.

More dried hydrangeas.

This weekend, Mark was feeling under the weather, so today was a good day to work on things around the house.

When we lived at our previous home, Mark had planted a snowball hydrangea bush on the side of the house. It really thrived and was the envy of all the ladies in the neighborhood. We were sad to leave it behind when we moved.

Over the last couple of years, Mark has planted bushes at our new home, but this was the first year that it yielded enough blooms to dry. Mark bought the French enamelware pitcher for me as a Christmas gift several years ago. French enamelware is so hard to come by around here. I'd collect more if it wasn't so darn expensive. The pillar candles were a few bucks a piece at Ikea. That green one smells like candy. I walk by it just to get a whiff.

Velvet green pillows.

Now that I had green hydrangeas, the old red and blue print pillows wouldn't do. I found these green velvet pillow cases at a nice discount on eBay. They are still being sold in Pottery Barn stores right now at full price, so hopefully they're not hot. Then again, would people really sell stolen pillow cases?

Dried hydrangeas.

Did I mention that I love hydrangeas? Sometimes the best things in life are free.

Dining room mantel in fall.

Here's what the dining room mantel looks like currently. The birchwood wreath was purchased during one of our trips to Ligonier. I thought I'd take a picture of it since it's going to give way to Halloween in a week or so. That architectural salvage thingy (Mark told me what it's called, but I'm not going to attempt to spell it.) is one of my favorite things. I think we paid $12 for it a few years ago. Anyway, the wreath and the thingy will go back up again after Halloween because I think it looks very Thankgiving-y.

Lauren's new favorite shirt.

And since we're talking fall, here is Lauren's new favorite shirt. It's green, of course.

Lastly, in case anyone has doubts about how staged my photos are, behold the other side of our living room:

The living room's dark secret.

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Ms. Tee said...

Just beautiful. I really really like that piece above the mantel. I wish we had a good salvage place here. Thanks for sharing! :)