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Saturday, October 4, 2008


New doormat.

Some days (Well, most days), I can't think of one interesting thing to write about or photograph. Then, there are days like today when the mojo flows like beer at a frat party.

Crazy berries.

First, we have berries. Lots of berries. Of all kinds of colors. We even have turquoise berries. These are growing on our trellis. They start out bright turquoise but then turn bright purple. Crazy.

Dewy cherries.

Do cherries count as berries? This morning as I was preparing egg white omelets for Mark and myself, I noticed that the cherries on the tree outside of our kitchen window were covered in dew. Perfect photo opportunity! I almost ran outside wearing my pj's and a towel on my head, but I thought better of it and waited until after I had gotten dressed and dried my hair to take photos.

Pumpkin stem.

Later in the day, we went to pick out pumpkins. The supplier in North Park that we found last year did not let us down, and in fact had instituted a flat rate of $3 on all large pumpkins. We also bought some interesting looking small pumpkins for decorating. Lauren picked out a green pumpkin that had to accompany her wherever she went the rest of the day.

White jack-be-little pumpkin.

After our shopping trip, we had dinner at Lu Lu's Noodles. Lauren had fried rice and a honeydew bubble drink (Honeydews are green, you know.). She liked the drink, but not the tapioca bubbles, which you would think for a kid would be the best part. Then, since it was on the way home, we stopped at Trader Joe's. As soon as we pull into the parking lot, Lauren inevitably exclaims, "Not this place again!"

When we arrived home, there were two young deer grazing in our front yard. We have only seen deer once before when we first moved into this house, but there are always signs of them to be found in our various munched on flowers and vegetables. I hope they made it home safely, because we live on a fairly busy street.

Me & the Beav.

Lastly, here is a photo that Mark snapped of me and the Beav hanging out on the couch. Beav looks ticked, but that's just her normal expression. Would you call me vain if I told you that I used Photoshop to remove the dark circles from under my eyes?

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Love your blog! How do I get my pictures to look as cool/crisp as yours??