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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Guess who's coming to dinner.

Mel C in da house!

Last night, Mel C came over and made us dinner. We had made plans earlier in the week, so when my Aunt Phyllis called on Friday to ask if she and Uncle Craig could stop over, I asked Mel C if she would mind. Since she said "the more the merrier," I told them that they could join us. And then they told two friends, and so on, and so on and so on. No, really, it was just the six of us. I just always wanted to say that.

A little political humor for dinner.

Although we swore not to talk about politics or the financial crisis, we couldn't help but give a gentle ribbing to our conservative guests. One thing about us liberals is that we can't spell the word "zucchini" without a dictionary. However, since no one referred to us as Marxists or pinkos, I would call it a successful dinner party.


Here's a peak at the Biden Zucchini. The Obama Chicken was fantastic, but you'll have to take my word for it. Mel C is a whiz in the kitchen.

Our neigbor's custom made Obama sign.

Speaking of the election, our neighbors across the street erected a custom made Obama sign. They are both art teachers, so they always have something neat on display. During the holidays, they put up a life size moose made out of lights. It is the coolest thing EVER. This year, I'll try to take a photo and post it here. At any rate, they're good people.

Today was our town's homecoming events, but because I was already committed to a long overdue hair appointment, I didn't get to participate in the festivities. Mark and Lauren walked up to see the parade. When I arrived home, I asked how the parade was. To which Mark replied, "Why didn't you tell me to bring the camera? There were all kinds of things to take pictures of!" I should have replied, "Why didn't tell me I typed MRL instead of MRA on our monogram?" but I'm trying to move past that.

So instead of photos of the parade, I'll share a photo of my new haircut:

Me and my new 'do.

You know, everytime I take a photo of myself, I learn something new. Today, I learned I have crow's feet. I used to make fun of women much younger than me because they had crow's feet and I didn't, but now time has stolen that joy away from me as well. I was tempted to use Photoshop to get rid of them, but I'm trying to grow old gracefully.

Me & the kid.

Does Lauren look like Mark or what? I don't think the kid shares an iota of DNA with me.

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