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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Right on schedule.

little book of BIG possibilities.

This is a notebook that I altered a couple of years ago. Anytime I have an idea for scrapbooking or decorating or whatever, I write it down in this notebook. This is particularly useful for scrapbooking, so that when I'm in the mood, I already have a list of page or album ideas from which to work.

Since I arrived home from work early today, I thought I'd use the peace and quiet to write down some long overdue ideas. After I listed out a few scrapbooking ideas, I thought that I might as well start making my Christmas gift idea list. This is something I started a few years back. It makes things a heck of a lot easier when it comes time to shop because I have a lot of hard to buy for people in my life (all men of course).

So I turned to the page in my notebook where I wrote last year's gift idea list. It reads:

10/7/07 Plans for Christmas 2007

I picked up my pen and on the opposite page I wrote:

10/7/08 Plans for Christmas 2008

Yep, right on schedule.

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