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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rainy days and Saturdays.

Shaped rug from Pier 1.

It's pretty damp and gloomy around here today, so we just spent our time hanging out at home. Lots of Mario Kart playin', Battlestar Galactica watchin' and cherry square bakin' goin' on.

Pictured above is a real fancy area rug that we found at Pier 1. Mark picked it out specifically for the area of our hallway that leads to the den. There used to be a radiator vent in the middle of the floor, which was replaced with floorboards that don't match the rest of the hard wood. That spot drives him nuts, so at least now he can't see it. I like it because it feels real springy when you walk over it.

Birthday cake.

It's pretty challenging to entertain a tv obsessed three year old on a rainy day, but when I told Lauren we were going to get out her Playdoh and make a birthday cake she was all for it, even though no one we know is celebrating a birthday.

Posing with the birthday cake.

She even insisted on posing for a photo with it.

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