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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Success...sort of.


Second try was a charm. It certainly would not pass quality control in the monogramming department at LL Bean or Pottery Barn, but I'm trying to get over my perfectionism. When things weren't going so well in the beginning, I almost gave up, but then I figured that I'll never get better unless I practiced. This time around, I used a water soluble marker, rather than my permanent iron-on transfer pen. This was a little tricky because you have to write directly onto the fabric. Since I have a habit of sewing inside the lines instead of over them, it turned out to be a good thing that with just a little water, all the lines disappeared.

In other news, leaf fever continues around here. Today, Daddy was deeply involved with the leaves. Literally.

Someone was going to throw this perfectly good man away!

Lauren kept covering Mark's face up with leaves. Thank goodness we didn't go to the beach this year. I may have never found Mark in the sand after Lauren got a hold of him.

Hey mom, look what I found!


Anonymous said...

you should do this for halloween - would really scare the few kids that come over.

Ellen said...

did you hand embroider the monogram on that pillow?? It looks fantastic!

m+m=l said...

Thanks, ellen! I did embroider it by hand. It looks best from far away, though. ;)

Ellen said...

Wow, then I'm even more impressed -- your stitching looks great -- very neat! Did you just use backstitch? I'm trying to expand my stitching repertoire ;o)

m+m=l said...

I used the satin stitch to fill in the letters. It's probably one of the simplest stitches, but when I use it, I have a hard time keeping the shape of what I'm stitching. Recently, I read that you can make an outline with a back stitch and then sew over it with the satin stitch. I think this would help make the stitches more even, but it would also add a lot more time to your project!

ellen said...

I can never get my satin stitch to stay neat like that. I think I need to practice more ;o)