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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All about Eve.

Sparkly chandelier.

We're all here at home on my favorite day of the year. I think the anticipation of it all is even better than the actual day.

Spritz cookies.

I baked three batches of cookies, which along with the three that I baked on Sunday, comes to six batches. Since it's just the three of us, I don't go all out with baking like a lot of people do. In addition to my usual standbys of thumbprints and mini cheesecakes, this year I tried three new cookies - chocolate truffles (which I guess are technically candy), buckeye bars and spritz cookies. I purchased a second-hand cookie press from a co-worker, and let me to you, I've never had so much fun making cookies. I feel like a whole new world of baking possibilities has been opened to me.

Gift tags.

After baking cookies, we had Subway for lunch. Then I sat down and whipped up some gift tags. Afterward, I showered and put Lauren down for a nap, while Mark watched the holiday favorite, Platoon.

It was a full day.

Tonight we're going to my in-laws, and then tomorrow everyone comes to our house. I should have lots of photos to share over the coming days!

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