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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008, Part II: Christmas morning.

Presents under the tree.

Can you believe that Christmas was almost a week ago? Man, does time fly. And I'm still writing about it.

Christmas morning is my absolute least favorite time to take photos. I insist on going flashless which produces horrible results. This is Lauren's fourth Christmas - you'd think I'd get with the program and just use the darn flash, but no. So here's the best of what I did capture.

Christmas morning scene.

The scene on Christmas morning. Lauren ran to the tree and immediately started opening presents. I had to teach the girl that Christmas has an order to be followed - stockings first, then presents. We don't want any riots here. Don't ask why she's wearing that backpack - maybe she thought she could use it to haul away her stash?


Ah, isn't Christmas the best?

After Lauren finished opening her presents from Santa (which included a tea set, a stuffed, handmade dinosaur, a tea set, a cash register, Tinkertoys and a Scooby Doo DVD set) It was our turn to check out our stuff.

Undies 'n me.

Oh, ho, ho! Look what that rascal Mark put in my stocking!

And what did I put in his stocking?

Mark 'n lint roller.

A lint roller. We are so not on the same page.

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