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Monday, December 15, 2008

Chipmunk christmas.

Christmas chipmunk.

I should be filling out Christmas cards right now, but there's still plenty of time to procrastinate about that. We picked out a tree yesterday at Lowes, just in time apparently, as there were only around 12 left to choose from. In fact, just two weeks before Christmas, and all their holiday merchandise was practically gone, because they had already marked it down 50% off. A definite sign of our failing economy. Anyway, Mark and I chuckled because we settled on the very first tree that we saw. For $20, why be picky? As we were leaving the store, three more couples were stuffing trees in their cars, so we weren't the only ones non-deterred from the slim pickings.

We've added a few new decorations to this year's tree:

We have this wily little chipmunk that, if you're lucky, you can catch a glimpse of as he scurries over our patio. You'll have to take my word for it that he looks just like this (I think this is actual size too!). The nice lady at Pottery Barn added the acorn that he's holding.

Glass acorn.

And speaking of acorns, I spotted this glass acorn on the counter as I was purchasing the chipmunk. It's so sparkly - I wish I could afford a whole tree full of them! But I can enjoy one just as well.

Bubble light.

I think that white lights are more aesthetically pleasing, but every couple of years, I like to give the multi-color lights a chance. These are actually the same lights that were on my family's Christmas tree as I was growing up. I inherited them, along with all the ornaments, a few years ago when my parents moved. One of my favorite Christmas things in the world is these bubble lights. They are around thirty years old, but they still can bubble with the best of them. I used to just love to sit by the tree and watch them do their thing. It's so fun to have them on our tree this year - makes me feel all Christmasy inside just looking at them.

Lastly, Jason Castro (Remember him?) just released his version of White Christmas on Amazon. The first few lines that I listened to sound sort of weepy, but hey, it's free Christmas music! Additionally, he looks ridiculous in that photo on the download page - I could have came up with something a little less goofy than that.


HannaB said...

If you only listened to the first few lines of Jason Castro's White Christmas, you can't truly evaluate it. He adds his own vocal nuances to the song after the first few lines, so I hope you'll listen to the entire song and find it as unique and charming as he is. :)

m+m=l said...

Hi, HannaB - I was a big fan of Jason's during his run on AI, so I will surely give his song a chance!