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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cover the earth.

Home with addition.

There is always a lot of painting going on around here. Here's a photo of our house with the addition, which Mark painted back in December when it was much warmer.


I'm busy painting a cool desk calendar that I'm building from a kit. You can paint it or cover it with paper, but I'm making mine just like this, except it looks a whole lot messier. It took me three coats of white to cover the tiles. They probably could have used another coat, but I ran out of white paint.


Lauren paints all the time. Her favorite medium right now are watercolors. Since her works are kinda abstract, I always ask her what her paintings represent. When I asked her about this one, she replied, "It's a pickle!" which is exactly what I thought it was.

Chinese dragon

Lastly, I forgot to post this one yesterday. It was taken at our (That being me and Mel C) favorite Chinese restaurant, Sesame Inn. We didn't get to see the dragon dance though - that was scheduled for dinnertime. Mel C and I have been eating lunch together at the Sesame Inn since around 2001. We've even had the same waitress, Betty. Yes, we will find a new Chinese restaurant to lunch at, but we will never find another Betty.

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