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Friday, August 31, 2012

A grand celebration.

Our troop.

On the weekend of August 18th, the City of Pittsburgh recognized 100 years of Girl Scouts with a Grand Celebration. About a third of our troop participated in Saturday's parade, which featured scouts of all ages from all around Western Pennsylvania.


Lauren will be bridging to Brownies this year. Check out all the cool things she did as a Daisy!


Here's a similar look at one our Brownie's sashes.


A Junior troop from our area of town marched behind us. They were really festive!

Necktie dress.

There were some Cadettes and Seniors in front of us who did a recycling theme. Check out her dress - it's made entirely of neckties!!

Cookie box skirt.

But wait - it gets better. This girl made a skirt entirely out of Girl Scout cookie boxes. How cool is that?!


Lauren waiting patiently for the parade to begin.

Marching band,

Of course, you can't have a parade without a marching band.

Double decker bus.

Or a double decker bus?!

Flower Power.

Celebrating the scouts of the '60s era.


Waving to their adoring fans.

A man and his dinosaur.

I don't think this man and his dinosaur friend knew what to make of us.

Cookie float.

Cookie float.

Golden girls.

Golden girls (The Gold Award is the highest honor you can earn in Girl Scouts.).


I call this, "Looking forward to the next 100 years."


Another version. I couldn't decide which one of these I liked better, so I'm posting both. I love the first one because of the uniformity of the girls standing in line, but I love the second one because the one girl is breaking the pattern and smiling for the camera.

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