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Friday, August 31, 2012

Village people.

Zoar United Church of Christ.

On August 4th, we made our annual trek to Ohio for the Zoar Harvest Festival. I've blogged about The Village of Zoar several times through the years. As I reported last year, the village is in danger of either being destroyed or moved. It's protected by a levee that was built in the 1930's. The levee is in great disrepair and would cost a lot of money to fix. So other alternatives are being considered, such as moving the buildings or removing the levee entirely. The latter option would destroy 80% of the town.

The plight of Zoar is getting national attention, and has been placed on The National Historic Trust's top 11 most endangered places, right along side the hospital at Ellis Island, Princeton Battlefield and Joe Frazier's gym.

You can read more about the plight of Zoar here and here.

Bridge to Tomorrowland.

We took a different route this year, where we traveled briefly through West Virginia to get to Ohio. This very cool bridge is in Steubenville.

Potting supplies.

I've already taken several photos of the buildings in Zoar, so this year, I focused on the little details.

Secret garden.

Like birdhouses. There are loads of neat birdhouses in Zoar.


Colonial birdhouses.


Here's a horse hitch for

Special delivery.

This old, repurposed bicycle is a fixture of Zoar. It's been leaning against the picket fence as long as I can remember.

Sheep herding demo.

We also saw a lot of sheep behinds as they were fleeing from their lives in the herding demonstration. We learned that boarder collie Gail is the same age as Daisy.

Taking a dip.

Gail almost got all three ducks in the pool this time.

It's the journey, not the destination.

I spotted this sapling growing along side it's mother outside of an antique shop.

Porch cat.

And speaking of the antique shop, this kitty was lounging on its porch.


The town is always dressed up in red, white and blue for the festival.

Patriotic fan.

Rusty wheelbarrow.

Loved this old turquoise wheelbarrow leaning against the greenhouse in front of the famous Zoar garden.

Hay wagon.

The carriage in the Zoar garden is always a welcome sight.

Two friends gazing in the distance.

In addition to antique dealers, there are also craft artisans at the festival. One booth had all kinds of neat handmade wooden toys. I couldn't resist getting a stick horse for Lauren.

New friends.

As we walked through the festival, several people asked us where we got it.

Happy with her stick horse.

Lauren was quite pleased with it.

Way to go Lauren!

Bonus photo #1:  I didn't even know she joined a union...

Western Railway.

Bonus photo #2 - I took this on the way home. It's a railway bridge outside of the Fort Pitt Tunnel. I thought made a brilliant back drop to the flowers planted by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (who did a beautiful job).

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