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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013: Christmas Eve.

 Candy cane tart.

Why does the week after Christmas go by so fast every year? Once again, I'm posting Christmas photos at the 11th hour. I didn't even edit them at all, so I've definitely made some progress in relation to my anal retentiveness when it comes to my photos.

 Grandma Pinky's tree.

As always, we spent Christmas Eve at my in-laws.

 Cousin Steve and Aunt Barb.

They got a new tree. It was so big, Aunt Barb had to peek around it to talk with me.

 Tysen and Lindsey.

So who else was there? Well, there was Cousin Lindsey and her fiance Tysen.

 Sean and Megan.

And Cousin Sean and his girlfriend Megan. We like her already - she made the impressive candy cane tart pictured above.

 Jacob playing.

There's our little nephew, Jacob.

 Mike and Daryl.

And Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead (no relation).


Lauren was there, opening her presents.

 Mark and friends.

And so was Jack Hannah.

Noah opening his presents.

Our nephew Noah was was there too.

Beth and Jacob.

And Aunt Beth.

Mr. Sock puppet.

Why, there's Mr. Rogers with his Land of Make Believe friend, Mr. Socko.

Sock puppet.

And his puppeteer contemporary, Sherry Lewis.


Then things got a little crazy when Wolverine and Sabertooth appeared.

Leaf claws.

Run for your life Lauren!

Grandma sweatshirt.

Grandma Pinky hid behind her new sweatshirt (I think you could fit a few more grandchildren on there).

Big fish.

 But Wolverine's reign of terror soon came to an end as Lauren quickly dispatched him.

Dunkin Donuts.

Sadly, Christmas Eve had to end because it was time to make the donuts.

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