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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013: Christmas Morning

Christmas morn.

Santa came - hooray!

The first gift of Christmas!

Lauren didn't waste anytime digging in. What could be in that big box?

Lauren rockin' out.

Instant rock star kit, of course!

Coco helping.

Another big package - what could be in there? Kitty Coconut is certainly curious about it.

Bow and arrow.

Is it a Red Rider bb gun? No, but you can certainly shoot your eye out with it! It's the real bow and arrow set, which is the gift Lauren wanted the most this year.

Enjoying their presents.

Santa didn't forget our furry friends. Just look at them destroying, I mean, enjoying their gifts!

But what about good ol' Mom and Dad?

 Me and my purple sewing machine.

I got a cute purple sewing machine!

Mark got some lint rollers.

And Mark got some lint rollers. Hey, that's a very thoughtful gift for someone that lives in a three pet household!

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