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Saturday, December 13, 2014

52 Weeks of 2014 - Week 50

52 Weeks of 2014 - Week 50

I'm not sure how this is week 50, but I double checked and there are now 50 photos in my project album. So I guess that Christmas week will be the last week of the project.

Mark opening Lauren's presents.

Anyway, today we celebrated Mark's birthday. Here he is opening one of Lauren's presents. She was very insistent that she give him two gifts.

Mark's 41st birthday cake.

As has become tradition, we also celebrated with a cake from Jean-Marc Chatellier's bakery. I didn't order one in advance, but we got lucky because we stopped there about an hour before closing time and they had this one sitting alone in an otherwise empty case. It's a little bit smaller than the one that we usually order (Which is really big), but it was perfect for just the three of us.

Card Lauren made for Mark's birthday.

Lastly, here's the awesome homemade card that Lauren made. Ever since we went on the chicken coop tour, Mark has been talking about getting some chickens, and I'm sure Lauren is dropping a subtle hint here that she wouldn't mind having some pet chickens herself. As a side note, she's been practicing drawing a lot lately and is really getting good at it!

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