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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The circus came to town.

Greatest Show on Earth.

Yesterday, we took Lauren to see the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. This was both Lauren and Mark's first visit to the circus. I have a very vague memory of going to the circus when I was very small, but since I never confirmed with my parents that this event truly occurred, I'm not sure that actually counts as a visit.

I purchased the discount tickets as part of my company's group rate, so we had really good seats in the center of the arena. As the show began, I remembered that out of pure hatred for that annoying Bello the Clown, the star of Ringling's shows, I had once sworn to only attend the Shrine Circus, but by that time it was too late to get up and leave.


So when I wasn't busy tearing at my eyes and ears each time Bello showed up, my mind kept coming to the same question - why don't I have a job like that? Why can't I train toy poodles to do tricks in little dresses? Why can't I ride on a elephant wearing a Vegas showgirl costume? Why can't I be shot out of a canon with Mark, like the husband and wife duo at the end of the show? Their act was all of five minutes. Just how much do they get paid to do that?

Tiger tamer.

Mark and I both agreed that the one job that we didn't want was that of the tiger tamer. Cause those tigers were none too happy to be rolling over and begging. No sir. There were several instances where they looked mighty ticked and were outwardly refusing to do what the tamer wanted. Now that guy earns his paycheck.

For the most part, Lauren was more into the bag of popcorn that we bought her than she was the actual show. I would venture to guess that her favorite part was the 10+ elephants. I would have to agree that the animals were the best part of the show, especially when the trapeze artists missed their dual triple flip that was the grand finale of their act.

With all the singing and dancing between acts, I kept thinking, "Mark is so hating this," but he was more bothered by trying to fit his 6 ft 5 in. frame into his seat. Even as someone who loves musicals and variety shows, all the cheese left me feeling a little lactose intolerant, but since no one smelled like cabbage or had small hands, I guess I can't be too critical. All those elephants occupying a small space, however, was a little stinky.

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