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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cue Vince Guaraldi.

Cue Vince Guaraldi.

It's been a busy couple of days, so we have a lot to cover! Let's start with the long awaited Halloween 2008 costume photos!

Happiness is a warm puppy.

Lauren was adamant about being Snoopy for Halloween. She had her mind made up as early as August, which was good because it gave us plenty of time to track down a costume. You see, no one is currently manufacturing Snoopy costumes. And when I went to my usual go to place for hard to get items, I found out that a lot of other folk's children were adamant about being Snoopy for Halloween. So adamant, that their parents were willing to shell out $80 - $100 for a Snoopy costume.

Lauren dressed as Snoopy for Halloween.

But not this parent. Plan B was to make a Snoopy costume. I thought this was something I could tackle: Buy a white hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants, fasten some black felt for ears, a pom pom for a nose and voila! - Charlie Brown's best friend. Then I found out child sized sweats aren't really sold in white and were almost impossible to find. Luckily, Daddy saved the day by stalking Ebay and found a bonafide Snoopy costume for $19.99 plus shipping. Someone must not have searched the completed auctions for the going rate.

Good grief, Charlie Brown! A dog dressed like a bird!

I decided early on that in order for Lauren to be identifiable as Snoopy and not just any old pup, that this had to be a group effort. Our original plan was to have Daddy dress up as the Red Baron, but when I found Woodstock costumes for dogs, Daddy got a reprieve. This one is a large, but it was just a little on the small side for Daisy, who I would consider a medium sized dog. I think she's going to have to cut down on the biscuits.