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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Taking a break from all your worries.

Scout Poster - 27

I meant to post this a couple of days ago when it hit 25, but then a couple more photos snuck in a day later - go figure! Usually my photos go into Explore weeks to months after upload. Sometimes they don't have a lot of activity right out of the gate, but more of a slow build over time. My home decorating photos are definitely the most popular - I guess that must be my niche. As long as my subject is staying completely still, I'm good to go.

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I cannot express how thankful I am to be off today. Work has been consuming my soul lately, so it's good for me to have a day not to think about it all. Because all of my staff is off the day after Thanksgiving, I'm going to put in some time on Friday, but since my boss is allowing me to work from my laptop at home, it's the next best thing to being off. My plans for today consisted of scrapbooking and mash potato making, but Lauren has seen fit that neither has happened yet. And the only decision that I made today was which version of Mary, Did You Know? should I download from iTunes - Kenny Rogers or Clay Aiken (Clay won.)? Mark is baking pies for tomorrow which is making the house smell scrumptious right now.

In other news, we had our first successful visit with Santa last night, ironically, exactly one year after this fiasco. Even paid out the nose to get a photo to prove it! I'm sorry to say that I won't be showing it off just yet, because, unless I can come up with something better, I'm probably going to use it for our Christmas cards. Still, I can tell you that Lauren chatted with Santa and told him what she wanted (A dinosaur and an elephant). However, while she did refuse to sit on his lap, you have to give the kid credit for choosing not to sit on the lap of a guy that she just met, even if he was willing to bring her presents in exchange for it. I think her favorite part of the experience was the candy cane that he gave her. Yes, candy canes are the new popcorn.

Speaking of presents, I think I'm about half way finished with my Christmas shopping. I used to be one of those people who would scoff at those who would start like in July or even October, but each year I buy gifts earlier and earlier. Since you can take your time finding just the right gift, it just makes the task more enjoyable. Lately, I've become completely addicted to Etsy, so this year I'm giving a lot of handmade presents. I love the concept of buying directly from the maker. It's like going back to the way things used to be when everyone shopped at mom and pop stores. I added an Etsy widget on the sidebar to the right, because what does the blog need but more crap on the sidebar.

Since Lauren is still too small to make her exact wishes known, I've been working very closely with Santa's elves as her proxy. One elf is making her a special elephant while another is making her a tea set, complete with cookies and cupcakes. They also scoured Santa's old stock and found her a Fisher Price cash register just like I had when I was a little girl. I think she's really going to dig it.

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