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Sunday, October 21, 2012

13 Days of Halloween: Day 3

13 Days of Halloween:  Day 3

Today our Girl Scout troop held a special ceremony to invest new members and to bridge the girls who were moving on to the next level of scouting. So Lauren is finally a Brownie!

As usual, I thought that I had it all under control. Ceremony written - check. Pins and awards purchased - check. Ingredients purchased to make pumpkin muffins to bring to the ceremony - check. Attached patches to Lauren's new Brownie sash - check.

Then, at the eleventh hour, everything fell apart. Lauren had slept over at a friend's house the night before, so when she arrived home, I had her try on the sash. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't get it to fit quite right. It was two hours before the ceremony when I realized that I had attached the patches to the wrong side. So rather than just go with the flow, I, being the perfectionist that I am, ripped them all off. This left an ugly sticky residue all over the sash. I attempted to sew them on correctly, but it proved very difficult to get the needle and thread through the thick patch.

Mark gallantly took up the sewing effort because I still had to get my pumpkin muffins as well as myself together. I had found this great, simple recipe where you combine yellow cake mix, a can of pumpkin and pumpkin spice together to make muffins. As I was putting them into my carrier, a horrible feeling washed over me.

I forgot to add the pumpkin spice. I had been interrupted by a phone call while I was baking, and just completely skipped that step.

Although I was in the midst of a complete nervous breakdown, my scouts were counting on me, so I got a grip on myself and headed to the ceremony. Mark stayed behind to work on Lauren's sash and would catch up with us later.

In the end, it all came together. Everyone enjoyed the ceremony, the girls especially. No one seemed to notice that my muffins lacked spice. In fact, not one was left over. And thanks to Mark, who never fails to demonstrate what it is to be a good father, Lauren was able to wear her new Brownie sash while standing side by side with her Girl Scout sisters.

Lauren bridging to Brownie.

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