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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stray cat strut.


Checking in to share a somewhat happy story. It's only somewhat happy because it has to do with stray cats. This is Henry. Henry is one of the stray cats that hang around our neighborhood. The neighborhood children named him. Personally, I call him Baby Spud because he is the spittin' image of my dearly departed Spud. Possibly, he's even Spun reincarnated. Or maybe even risen from the dead. He is buried in the backyard afterall. Anyway, Henry's appearance today totally made my day. When he wandered in our yard back in May, as he was often prone to do, I had a photo shoot with Henry. When we were finished, I went into the house while Lauren continued to follow him about the yard. Something must have spooked him, and he ran out into traffic. As Lauren came and told me, "Henry ran at the wrong time." I didn't really get the gravity of the situation, until Mark told me what he witnessed. While Henry made it across the street, Mark explained that it appeared that he got hit by a car. Sure enough, several months passed without a Henry sighting, so we assumed the worst. I felt partly responsible for his demise, and never published the photos.

Guarding his turf.

So when I saw him in our yard today, no worse for wear, I was stunned and ecstatic. Perhaps cats truly do have nine lives!


Oh, and apparently while Baby Spud, I mean Henry, was away he went and got a himself a girlfriend. Meet Jessica (Again, as named by Lauren and her friends).


Unlike Henry, Jessica is a little shy. She had some scratches on her nose, and appeared to be missing the tip of one of her ears.

[Insert PSA about spaying and neutering your cat, or at least keeping them indoors]

I'm thinking about doing a 13 days of Halloween project, similar to the 25 days of Christmas one that I did last year. If I'm up to it, it will start on Friday.

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