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Sunday, January 19, 2014

52 Weeks of 2014 Week 3: - Rule of Thirds

Time to fly.

Another week with a wide open topic, and I still had difficulty coming up with something. I hope I can shake this off soon.

Last month, Lauren had to do a book report on a biography. She chose Neil Armstrong. The assignment included a paper bag. She had to place inside the bag three objects that were meaningful to the life of the person. Neil Armstrong was inspired to become a pilot because as boy he was fascinated by airplanes. Eventually, he joined the Navy and flew planes similar to this one. The other two objects were astronaut food (freeze dried chocolate chip ice cream) and a miniature wind-up moon rover.

American Gothic - pet style.

Who invited you?

Some bonus photos from today - how funny is this odd couple? We're very lucky that are pets get along so well. Sure, Kitty Coconut likes to give Marcus a good smack now an then, but that's only when he gets into her personal space.

I also finally caught up on my sketch journal, but I'm still debating whether I should back fill the prior week's pages here.

It's a three day weekend for Mark and I, so hopefully I can use the extra day to be more productive on the photography front. Lauren has to go to school tomorrow because it's a make-up day from the teacher's strike. She is sitting next to me as I type this and has insisted that I clarify that we will be authorizing her early dismissal.

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