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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New year, same old everything else.

2008 calendar.

For the third year running, I'm making a calendar from still life photos taken during the previous year. I look forward to doing this little project as it's easy and requires little thought. Actually, I was really looking forward to working on various scrapbooking projects during my vacation, but I was lucky to eke out just this calendar. Now that the holidays have come to a close, maybe I can use what little free time I have to catch up on those projects.

Back to regular life tomorrow. I went into work yesterday, but since I was off today, it really doesn't count. New Year's Eve activities included the following:

--cleaning the bathroom (Me)
--cleaning out the bedroom closets (Mark)
--making a stable out of Lincoln Logs for My Little Pony (Lauren)

Also for the third year running, Mark and I went to sleep before midnight. New Year's always bums me out, and the feeling dread of is especially keen this year. I think it's because I now have to follow through on all those things that I was putting off until next year (now this year).

Like potty training, for example.

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