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Monday, January 21, 2008

Under the weather.

Under the weather.

It's been a rather low key weekend at our place. With both Lauren and Mark are sick with colds (Mark has had his cold for going on a week.), we haven't really left the house since Friday. Mark did run to the drugstore today, but only because we were in dire need of tissues. Lauren's nose is running like a a faucet, so one of us has to follow her around the house armed with a box of Kleenex and a plastic bag for disposal. I'm still holding strong, but since I performed many a nose wipe today (Only on Lauren, of course), it's only a matter of time before I fall victim to the plague.

Naturally, we've been watching a lot of television this weekend. We've seen more episodes of Go Diego, Go! in the last couple of days than we care to count. Luckily for us adults of the Ross household, we have access to the Universal HD, channel. Universal features pretty decent movies and series in HD. I was particularly excited to see that they were going to show Battlestar Galactica (the new series, not the one from the seventies with starring Lorne Green, Dirk Benedict, and that weird robotic dog) from the beginning. I always heard great things about it, but since we are strange creatures who only pay to access twenty-some basic cable channels, we can't watch it on the Sci Fi channel. We finally got a chance to watch a couple of episodes that I had recorded, and sure enough, it is excellent.

Unlike Comanche Moon, which was not excellent. I watched the first episode live and recordedthe other two, but since Mark reported that from what he saw the rest of it wasn't worth my precious time, I ended up deleting them outright. Mark has never seen Lonesome Dove, so feeling the need to prove why Larry McMurtry's work is usually worth the time, I requested the DVD's from our library system.

Speaking of which, the Carnegie Library system never ceases to amaze me. You can borrow practically any movie / series on DVD for free. For example, there are currently 86 copies of Superbad available (Not necessarily a movie that would immediately come to mind as enlightening). Now, don't cancel your Netflix membership yet because there are also 277 people waiting to borrow those copies, which are in various states of reserved (Either checked out, in transit, on hold or the dreaded, "Missing".). Also available are several copies of the third season of Lost, Casino Royale, Jungle Book, A Man for All Seasons, Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas and all the Harry Potter movies.

For now, I requested Lonesome Dove and the Battlestar Galactica mini series (Both had just a few holds). Now we just have to wait for them to arrive at our library so that we can pick them up. I may try to request one of the crazy popular movies just to see how long it takes to get it. Goodness knows I'll need something to watch for when I catch the plague.

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