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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scrapbooking: What's all the buzz about Buzz?

What's all the buzz about Buzz?

Before Christmas, we were having a Buzz Lightyear renaissance of sorts. Lauren's interest in Buzz had waned during the fall, that is until I got her a new Buzz. After that, New Buzz became the alpha toy once again. When he wasn't jet setting about town with us, he could be found cavorting with the lovely ladies in Francie's house (Kind of like a space age Jack Tripper.). Realizing that Buzz indeed had staying power as a fixture in Lauren's life, I decided that he deserved his own scrapbook page.

I wanted the page not just to be about Buzz, but to be Buzz. The white background with purple and green text was a no brainer, but I think the brads in the top left corner that mimic Buzz's buttons were a little stroke of genius.

Journaling reads: "It all started when you watched the movie Toy Story for the first time. Or maybe it started when I put some Toy Story figures in your room. Whatever the cause, you have become a huge fan of Buzz Lightyear. You beg us to draw Buzz and play with puppet Buzz. Your Buzz doll accompanies us everywhere, including Giant Eagle, Target and the mall. As of this writing, you have gone through four Buzz Lightyears! As time goes on, you will no doubt have many idols, but hopefully you will always remember your first. To infinity and beyond."

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