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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The view from here: January 8, 2008.

The view from here:  January 8, 2008.

We've officially transitioned back into our usual daily life.

To the left: Fresh milk. When Lauren ask for a drink, she always refers to it as "fresh milk," never just "milk." We have yet to break the news to her that fresh milk comes out of a cow, and not out of a Kenmore.

In the middle: Play-doh. We play with Playdoh almost everyday. Sometimes when I come home from work, I don't even have my shoes off before I'm sitting on the floor, fingernails deep in Play-doh.

To the right: Lita. Or "brown Dita" as she's called by her friends. Almost nightly, I'm awakened from sweet slumber by cries of "Where's my Dita?!" or the ever popular, "Fix Dita's blanket!" When Lauren goes off to college, I'm going to call her dorm room every night and yell "Fix Dita's blanket!" into her voicemail and hang up.

May the days of fresh milk, Play-doh and Lita never fade from our memory.

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