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Monday, July 28, 2008

Here fishies.

Goin' fishin'.

Lauren likes to "fish" in our pond. I throw a few monkeys from her Barrel of Monkeys game in the water, and as they float, she tries to catch them on the hook at the end of her fishing rod.

Our pond is actually doing extremely well this year, which is astounding considering that we do very little to upkeep it. I guess nature is self sustaining and has little need for the likes of us.

The majority of the surface is covered in lily pads now, which produced many more water lilies than previous years. However, the most exciting development occurred when a very tall stem suddenly began to jut out of the water. On tip, there was a very large pink bud. The bud stayed tightly closed for over a week, building much anticipation (I wish that I had taken a photo of the bud because that would have gave the next photos a greater impact. Oh well.).

Before the beetle arrived.

Here is our lotus just as it began to bloom. I thought that this was pretty spectacular until...


It became the coolest flower I've ever seen in my life.

The lotus and the beetle.

Can you see the little stowaway inside? The Japanese beetles are really making a comeback this year. When I was a kid, everyone had one of those Bag-A-Bug thingys in their yard.

Tonight, I'm going to spend the evening attempting to restore Original Recipe Dita back to some of her former glory. Lauren hasn't taken to New Formula Dita like I thought she would, and in fact has become even more attached to old Dita. I'm no seamstress, but I'm going to try to prolong her life span as best I can. When I was little, I had a very much loved teddy bear that also was gradually deteriorating. I remember my grandfather sewing him for me. I still have him stored away, even though he's barely recognizable as a bear. Wish me luck!

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