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Sunday, July 20, 2008

We went thataway.


Today was my company's annual Kennywood picnic. During the span of time that we were there, the weather went from very hot to a torrential down pour. In spite of the extreme weather, we were able to cram in a lot of fun during our visit.

For what ever reason, Lauren did not want her photo taken today. Every time I pointed the camera at her, she would do this:

No more pictures, please!

I pray that this is just a phase.

Once again, our friend Mel C was there with us. The three of us have made a solemn oath never to ride The Paratrooper again. Here she is getting ready to ride one of Lauren's favorites, the much more subtle Crazy Trolley.

Mel C riding the Crazy Trolley.

Mark and I have an inside joke about Spin Art (Where you squirt paint on a revolving piece of paper). Before we were a couple, he and I went to a very lame fireman's carnival with a group of friends. As we wandered around trying to find something worthwhile to do, I suggested that we try Spin Art. No matter how much I flirted and coaxed, he adamantly refused.

When I saw that they still had a Spin Art booth in Kiddieland, I insisted that Lauren make us a souvenir to take home. The girl working the booth gave us the rules:

1.) Hold down the button to make the paper spin


2.) Add just a few drops of paint at a time or else face the consequences

Lauren did not heed rule number two. As a result, red paint splattered all over me and her, mostly on her arms and face. Poor thing looked like she contracted the German measles. After a quick trip to the restroom and lost of squirming and crying, we were back in the saddle again.


More photos from the day can be seen here.

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