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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dog days of summer.

Dog day afternoon.

This marks the blog's 200th post! I feel like I should do something special. So here's a cute story about our very special dog with one very special feature.

One day, shortly after we moved to our house, I arrived home from work and let Daisy out. This is the first thing at I do everyday. The next thing I do is get the mail. After Daisy finishes taking care of business, she always comes over to meet me at the mailbox at the end of our driveway. On this particular day, two of the neighborhood girls were taking a walk up the street. When they saw Daisy, they asked if they could pet her, as little girls are apt to do.

After they had finished patting Daisy on the head, they continued on their walk. As they turned away from us, I heard the younger girl exclaim to the older girl, "That dog has eyebrows!"

Who could blame her for being excited? Afterall, it's not everyday that you meet a dog with eyebrows.

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