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Saturday, December 15, 2012

52 Weeks of Cookie - Week 1

 52 Weeks of Cookie:  Week 1

Well, we weren't expecting to fill our vacancy so soon, but this little girl desperately needed a home. Since she's been part of the family for a whole week already, I thought it was about time she made her photo debut.

Now thirteen weeks old, Cookie is female Italian Greyhound. She's named so because she's so sweet and warm, just like a cookie fresh out of the oven. She also has little black freckles all over her white coat, which gives the appearance of cookies and cream ice cream.

The other furry family members are adjusting well to the new addition. Marcus has been a great big brother. He lets her put her paws all over his face and is just dying to play with her. Unfortunately, Cookie has to grow a bit more before she's hardy enough to survive an inadvertent stomp from Mr. Personality. Even Coconut likes her. Well, "like" may not be quite the word to describe their relationship, but in comparison to Marcus, Coconut absolutely adores her. She can even stand being in the same room as Cookie. I think it's because in her little kitty mind she's sizing her up and thinking, "Yeah, I could take her."

I thought doing a 52 weeks project would be a great way to watch her grow. Cookie, you and mama are going to make beautiful pictures together...

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