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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

 Marcus looking at the tree.

And then it was Christmas once again.  Santa remembered everyone this year, no matter how furry or small. When Lauren woke up and went down stairs to check out the scene, she came running to tell us that Santa had left presents all over the place - there was even one in Coconut's dish!

Coconut's time waiting under the tree finally paid off.

Speaking of which, Coconut was very satisfied that all that waiting under the tree had finally paid off.

 Coconut claiming presents.

Before we knew it, she was already claiming gifts for herself.

Opening presents on Christmas morn.

 Lauren digging in.

Father daughther scientists.

Santa got Lauren a microscope so she could be just like her Daddy.

Little scientist.

Another scientist in the family? Could be!

3DS from Santa.

But then Santa did a complete 180 on us and also gave Lauren more video games to rot her brain.

Me and my mushroom lamp.

Leave it to Mark to give me an authentic Artimede Nesso mushroom lamp.

Mad Men's Roger Sterling has one too.

Opening presents.

Soon it was evening, and time to open presents with the rest of the family.

With their new niece.

Uncle Craig and Aunt Phyllis really enjoyed spending time with their new niece.

#1 Aunt and Uncle.

And their swanky new keychains.

The Bad Man.

Marcus even gave Uncle Craig a gift. On Thanksgiving, we discovered that Marcus finds Craig quite intimidating. His tail goes right between his legs anytime he gets near him. So we've started to refer to Craig as "The Bad Man." Perhaps the hat was a peace offering?

Vera girls

Here are all us ladies modeling our new Vera Bradley bags.

Family portrait.

Our attempt at a family portrait. We took about 20 of these, and this was the best one. I think that about sums it up!

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