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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Got wood?

Got wood?

Last week, a guy from the electrical company stopped by to scope out the trees on our property. The old oak tree at next to our driveway needed to be trimmed in order to make way for the new electrical lines that were going to be installed. Since they were going to cut off the two largest branches, which would likely cause the already sickly tree to die anyway, Mark requested that they just cut it down entirely. Given that the tree was likely over one hundred years old, he made this decision with a heavy heart.

Well, the event has become the talk of the street, as all of our neighbors are now coveting the free firewood. Which is fine by us, because now we don't have to pay someone to haul it all away.

One of the nice ladies of our neighborhood even baked us a Bavarian coffee cake to show her gratitude.

Bavarian coffee cake.

Nothing like crushed pecans and cinnamon to wash the guilt away.

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