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Friday, October 12, 2007

Lil' Picasso.

lil' Picasso.

Or, as I prefer, lil' Renoir.

With the weather turning too cold to play outside, we're challenged to keep Lauren occupied with indoor activities. One night this week, I dug out some alphabet blocks that she hadn't played with before. Another night, I gave her some Halloween cookie cutters, and we sat and made pumpkins and bats out of Play-doh. However, the big hit of the week was painting.

Given that she can't stand to get her hands dirty, Lauren has never been much of a finger painter. But hand her a foam brush, and she's suddenly channeling her inner Impressionist.

Ten! Thanks everyone!

In other news, I was excited to find that as of this week, I've had ten photos appear on Flickr's Explore pages. It's so fun to challenge myself to come up with ideas for photos that may be deemed interesting by a super secret algorithm.

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