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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mary Higgins Clark has more money than God.

Book sale booty!

That is, if you go by the number of her books available at any given used book sale.

Today was the last used book sale of the year, thus concluding a very successful season. And if it sounds like I'm describing a competition, well, you'd think of it in that way too if you've ever seen the people lining up outside before the sale starts or the way people pillage once they're inside. Given that the cover price for new hardback books is around $30, I guess the furor is understandable.

Anyway, even though our library's sale actually has some of the more expensive prices (3 for $2.00), we still ended up with over twenty books for around $15. The vast majority of these were for Lauren, although I did find a brand new hardback copy of The Golden Compass for myself.

By the way, the Woo! The Not-so-Scary Ghost book in photo is absolutely adorable.

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