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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hangin' with Baby Noah.

Baby Noah is almost 5 months old!

Tonight, we spent the evening at Mark's parents house to celebrate our sister-in-law Beth's birthday. Not even five months old, Noah has already taken a keen interest in the performance of the New England Patriots.

Chillin' and watching the Patriots.

Lauren is really good with Noah. She stacked blocks for him so that he could knock them over. Then, she'd comfort him after the blocks fell on top of him. I've often wondered how Lauren would take to a brother or sister. She pretty much has the undivided attention of one of us (and sometimes both!) at any time, so having a sibling to contend with would be a pretty big change for her. But at least it seems that she isn't completely opposed to the idea.

Playing with cousin Lauren.

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