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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beavis approves this post.


Beavis the Cat has reviewed its contents and certifies that there is no mention of American Idol or Jason Castro in this post. You may proceed.

Trying to catch up on some projects this weekend. Lauren will be turning three in less than three weeks, so it's time once again to plan her birthday party. I'm kicking around a few ideas for a theme, but I don't know if I want to commit to one or just have a generic party. I think Lauren is finally at the age where she would appreciate a theme though. I hope to at least make the invitations this weekend.

So far, Mark and I haven't had any luck finding new furniture for our bedroom. I hope we find some soon, because since we moved everything out but our current bed, it feels like we're sleeping in a hotel room!

While Mark is at work tonight working on a project of his own, Lauren and I are going to watch 101 Dalmations and eat popcorn. That's pretty much the biggest plan that we have this weekend.

Country Clay.

One last thing - when we stopped at McDonald's for a Happy Meal today, I was surprised to find that this month they're giving away American Idol toys. This one is named Country Clay. He plays this absolutely hideous song when you move the microphone to his mouth. Other times, he just says "YEEHAW!" Mel C.: We have to go to McDonald's this week for lunch so that I can get another one! However, of the others available, not one had dreadlocks.

You didn't really think my cat could read, did you?

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Moe Moe was extremely pleased to see that Beavis made the blog! I was attempting to get some paperwork done today, and Moe (my assistant) was more interested in placing himself on the paperwork and looking at the web!

McDonalds it will be, hopefully no one will think I am your mother! You will have to buy your own Happy Meal as not to cause confusion!