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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The view from here: April 2, 2008.

A view from here, April 2, 2008:  Dinnertime.

It's no secret that Lauren is not a good eater. Every night is a struggle to get her to eat. We coax. We bribe. And since science has yet to develop a way to force feed a child, we've even resorted to cheap gimmicks.

A view from here, April 2, 2008:  Dinner.

Note the Smiley fries.

If that isn't evidence that we really do try hard, I don't know what is. The vast majority of time, we feed her the same thing that we're having. Tonight, we had pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches, mixed vegetables and the Smiley fries. All fairly innocuous cuisine. But the sum total of what she actually ate amounted to 4 bites of a sandwich, 2 Smiley fries and a piece of carrot dipped in ketchup (And potentially a pea - I might have missed it). Yet, at the rate that she's growing, she's going to pass me in height any day now. And I was a good eater as a child, darn it! Life is so unfair sometimes.

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