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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tip toe.

In the tulips.

For the last two evenings, I haven't arrived home from work until almost 8 o'clock. I should really be crashing right now instead of updating the blog, but it's good for me to do something that doesn't involve work or Lauren.

Mark planted a boat load of tulips. To describe them as an "explosion of color" would be an understatement.

Cherry Tee.

With the arrival of spring and summer on its heels, I've been doing a lot of clothes shopping. My favorite t-shirt maker, Cherry Tee is having a sale. They are an "indie" t-shirt company, for lack of a better term, for you can only buy their shirts either directly from them or at small boutiques. I love getting packages from them because they take great care in presenting their product, from the green and burgundy tissue paper to the yummy cherry flavored lollipop.

On a sadder note, I found out today that the father of my childhood best friend passed away on Monday. I had lost touch with her over the last several years, but I think of her often. I'm going to try to send my condolences and hopefully reconnect with her. It's funny because her older sister was a huge fan of Neil Diamond, and I always think of her when I see Neil. Of course, this week was no different...

***Begin American Idol mutterings***

It's been a rough two weeks to be a Jason Castro fan. As if the three less than stellar performances weren't enough, we had to suffer through the relentless attempts to discredit him and question his continued presence on the show.

First "Memory," otherwise known as "Trainwreck." I concede that this certainly was not Jason's best, but it certainly wasn't a trainwreck. No, the trainwreck this week was Brooke White having to restart her performance (And this was the second time she did it during the top 12!). Oh, then there was the derailment that occurred on Top 12 week when someone forgot their lyrics (Lookin' at you, Archie!) That's how I see it at least.

Although I think that the song was much too big for Jason to handle on his best night, it bears mentioning that Jason was dreadfully ill that week. Too bad the show didn't seem to think so, even though the sick card was used as an excuse for several contestants at the beginning of the season.

And then there was Andrew Lloyd Webber who took the opportunity to slam Jason on performance night as well as results night, because he just couldn't wrap his mind around a MAN singing his iconic song. Hey Lord Andy, ever heard of Barry Manilow?? Nice chap, you should look him up.

So after all that the press starts questioning why Jason is still around and treating him like he's the second coming of Sanjaya. Given Jason had just come off of three strong performances in a row (One of which was the memorable "Over The Rainbow"), nothing could be more ridiculous. He's allowed to have an off night, especially since the last time I checked none of these people were trying out for Broadway Idol.

This week, we're finally treated to a theme that's Castro friendly. I was so excited for this week because I grew up listening to Neil Diamond. My teddy bear's favorite song was "Forever in Blue Jeans" (Cut me some slack - I was an only child!).

First, of all the things that transpired during Jason's mentoring session with Neil, they show him singing the lyrics to the wrong song, once again making him look like a fool. He could made it harder for the show to present him in a bad light by having at least one strong performance, but it was not meant to be. I was in total agreement with Simon in the respect that this wasn't the Jason that started the competition. I've often thought about how joyful he was singing "Daydream" and how much promise he showed. Sometimes, it's like the show has sucked all that joy out of him.

Oh, and then there was that whole thing with Paula critiquing a performance that he hadn't even given yet. If that doesn't imply that the show is scripted, I don't know what does. How he managed to get himself together enough to make it through his song, is beyond me. I certainly don't know the guy personally, but he must have a very strong character.

Jason may not be the strongest singer in the competition, but he's never forgotten his lyrics, always sings in key and has rarely hit a rank note. And while I do realize that he often doesn't come off as well on stage, his studio recordings are OUTSTANDING. Oh yes, they keep feeding us the line that this is a "singing competition," but if that was what the show was truly about, the contestants would just sing and we wouldn't have the judges, the interviews, the light shows, the Ford Commercials etc. So I don't feel bad at all about supporting someone who I really enjoy and want to have as many songs as I can from him.

P.S. I thought Neil Diamond looked fantastic. He's really held up well.

***End American Idol mutterings***

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Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,

I enjoy your blog so very much. You are incredibly talented. I haven't read it in a while. When I was catching up I noticed you mentioned a childhood friend who's father had died. If you don't mind me asking who is it?