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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


On the Primary Election Day, vote for Jason Castro!

Big night for more ways than one. Now that we've performed our civic duty, now it's time to perform our consumer duty...

***Begin American Idol Mutterings***

Last week's performance of "I Don't Want to Cry" put Jason back in contender status once again and have many folks calling for an all male final three. I'm certainly one of them! Once again, this week's performance will be crucial. And once again, the deck is stacked against him:

1.) Rumor has it that he will be singing "Memory" from Cats. Need I say more? Although if you're going to bomb, it's best to bomb on a well known song.

2.) Reports suggests that he was ill this week. Not a good time to be sick when you're singing a song from a Broadway musical!

3.) Jason, bless his heart, announced last week that he has a girlfriend. This has sent his fans into a tizzy of massive proportions leading to some say that they aren't going to vote for him anymore.

Now, I too was once a teeny-bopper (I'm still teeny by some standards), and I can tell you that it didn't matter to me when a celebrity that I was crushing on had a girlfriend. After all, if you have enough of an imagination to fantasize that you will one day meet your crush and cause him to fall madly in love with you at first sight surely you can imagine away said girlfriend? Girls today need to be more creative.

I really want Jason to make it to Neil Diamond week so that he can sing "You'll Be a Woman Soon." Although he'll probably get eliminated that week because we'll all be too swooned over to vote!

Also, I have to add David Cooks "Always Be My Baby" to the list of songs that make me tear up. It sounds like a what would be played on a movie soundtrack when the two star crossed lovers finally hook up. Even Mark admitted that you could hear it on the radio today.

Maybe I am sentimental after all?

***End American Idol Mutterings***

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