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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring cleaning.


Okay, so you wouldn't know it by this photo, but we've been busy around here. This weekend, our furniture slipcovers and closets received their bi-annual cleaning. I think I managed to purge about half of my clothes, which means now I have room for new stuff [insert evil laugh]! Lauren's wardrobe is especially hurting right now. I picked up a few new tops for her on sale at Old Navy, but not nearly enough to carry her through a mildly warm week. Her torso is now up to 3T, but her bottom half still fits in 24 months to maybe 2T, if the waistband is adjustable). I dug out some capri pants that she received for her birthday last year, and they are still baggy around the waist! That kid needs to eat more.

Mark is busy working on building a doll house for Lauren's birthday present. To get some supplies, we visited Lynlott Miniatures, a store no more than fifteen minutes from our house that's completely devoted to doll houses. I must have been past it hundreds of times during the span of my life and never noticed it was there. The doll houses are simply amazing and come in every style imaginable. They even have one set up for play, and Lauren quietly took it for a test drive for well over a half hour.

Our life doesn't revolve too much around our child now does it?

Speaking of spring cleaning, you may have noticed that I finally gave the blog layout a much needed update. I added a few new links to reflect recent interests (Ahem.) and of course changed our banner. My lack of updates has caused a terrible back log, so now I have numerous photos, scrapbook pages and videos to share. I was able to incorporate at least some of the photos in the new blog banner. I hope everyone likes it, as I have a feeling that this one will be staying up for awhile.

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