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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day and knight in Ligonier, Pa.

Greetings from Ligonier, PA!

Yesterday, we made one of our usual summer trips to Ligonier. Rain was threatening, but luckily, the weather was pleasant for the couple of hours that we were there.

A new Playmobil friend.

Once again, there was no good antique finds to be found, which was no surprise since we usually don't expect to find anything there anyway. What was a surprise is that The Toy Box had placed yet another different giant Playmobil figure on display outside their store!

All hail the king!Everybody loves a clown.Giant Playmobil Knight outside The Toy Box in Ligonier, PA

Here are the three that we've seen so far. Neat, huh?

Pulled pork sandwich

And wouldn't be a road trip without our usual food stop. Each June, we attend the luncheon at the Heritage Church, where they serve the best pulled pork sandwiches I've ever tasted. Oh to be able to make pulled pork like those Heritage Church ladies!

I washed down my sandwich with a can of Ohana iced tea. According to the can, "ohana" means family. I'm wasn't aware that the families of Hawaii are known for their iced tea, but who am I to question a tin can?

Visiting Great Grandma Gert.

In the evening, we stopped to visit great-grandma Gert. She looks great! Overall she seemed pretty happy too, with the exception of a few complaints. The care givers won't let her sunbathe, and they don't help her out of the bathroom fast enough. For this, she said that she's going to spite them by living to be well over a hundred, maybe one-hundred and twenty, to quote her.

I think she can do it.

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