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Thursday, June 5, 2008

In the good ol' summertime.

Stripey shorts.

Well, it's finally here. Today we broke 90 degrees, and the temperature is supposed to stay pretty steady in the high eighties and nineties for the next several days. The air conditioner is ON.

Ode to a Push-up.

Summertime is a very good time for cool treats. This weekend, I got nostalgic for Push-ups. And wouldn't you know it - they don't carry them at our local Giant Eagle (It's a well know fact that they don't carry any product that I like at this store. And if they do, they will promptly discontinue it.). Never fear - we found them at Shop and Save.

I thought Lauren would be all over them. Sweet ice creamy treat contained in a colorful tube with an awesome gimmick. Unfortunately, she didn't care for them (Not chocolatey for her enough, I guess.), so I have the box to myself. She does like the push-up action, however, and always comes over and offers to push it up for me. How's that for luxury! Do you think Paris Hilton has someone who pushes up her Push-up for her? I think not.

Today is my girl Mel C's birthday. She spent the evening with us yesterday eating KFC, playing Wii and asking Twenty Questions. She always seems to come over on Wednesday nights. I think that it's part of her diabolical scheme to get me hooked on So You Think You Can Dance? but it's not going to work! RESIST! RESIST!

Tonight I just chased Lauren around the yard. I've been having a hard time getting good photos of her lately, but for some reason, I can always get a few nice ones when she's sitting up in the house part of the playset in our backyard(Someday, I'd like to make an album of the series). Mark was standing up on the patio teasing her. This is the look of a girl who loves her Daddy.

Seeing daddy.

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