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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday talk.


I thought I would do something unexpected and update on a weeknight. There's nothing to watch on TV, so why not?

Tonight, we had our first Wii related injury. I was playing tennis when just as I was going for the smash, Lauren wandered up beside me and got hit right smack in the forehead by the controller. She recuperated fairly quickly, so I don't think she suffered any permanent damage. I guess we'll have to see if she wakes up tomorrow with a cross pad shape embossed on her forehead.

Cow power.

This is one of Mark's latest purchases. He is very proud of it, because as package states, it is the very best you can buy. He hasn't used it yet, so I think he may be saving it for a special occasion (A new peach tree, perhaps?).

Wii injuries and manure. If only every day could be this exciting.

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laura vegas said...

how funny ... i just recently smacked my 8 yr old in the head playing tennis on the Wii too. and my oldest daughter caught it on her camcorder and has shown it to everyone. lol!