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Monday, June 30, 2008

Creative pursuits.

Photo CDs.

At the moment, I have a sizable backlog of projects, but I'm working my way through them. One of my priorities is to get my photo organization current. I take a lot of photos and find that they can be difficult to manage. I only upload and print the ones I really like and burn the rest to CDs. From a printing standpoint, I'm caught up until Easter of this year (Waiting for a really good coupon for free prints so that I can get current!). However, in spite of the near computer disaster that occurred late last year, I'm still way behind on backing up my photos.

I actually created these CD covers last year, but didn't bother to print them out until this weekend. I shamelessly ripped off the idea from Pottery Barn: Photos. When I turned to that page in the book I began drooling over the orderliness of it all. I remember thinking to myself, "But who has to time and inclination to be that organized with their photos?" Well, heck I do, that's who! Okay, I don't really have the time, but I do have the crazy, er the inclination. Yes, that's what it's called.


In other news, my photobook arrived today from Shutterfly. Nothing really new to see compared with last year's version because I didn't have time to reinvent the wheel. When I conceived this idea last year, I meant the book to be a collection of photos that I loved but wouldn't really get seen otherwise in my photo albums (Like all those photos that I take of food!). This year's book contained a lot more people photos, as I was trying to be more representative of the major events of the year. Do I spy Crazy Uncle Craig on the cover?

Of course, as I was flipping through the finished book, I found a typo. Would anyone out there like to be my copy editor? I'm hiring!

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