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Monday, June 9, 2008

Do the math.

Do the math.

So another year has past, and I can no longer deny being on the bad side of thirty. Why is it that time goes faster the older that you get?

Have a color coordinated birthday!

I must be doing something right since I received some very nice gifts. This is Mark's contribution. The lunch bag is to replace my pink Hello Kitty one. Maybe if I also ditch my Chococat mug, I can declare myself a full fledged adult.

Ice cream bowls.

Among other things, my friend Mel C gave me these very photogenic bowls. I have a feeling that Lauren will be claiming the green one.

The three of us celebrated over Aladdin's take out for dinner (Lauren ate pierogies.) and chocolate peanut butter pie from Joe Zeppi's (Lauren ate hers and some of mine.). Ice cream pie is basically ice cream poured into a graham cracker crust. Simple concept, but oh so tasty. On top of that, Joe Zeppi's makes the most amazing chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I'd have to say it's probably my favorite ice cream around.

Until next year!

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