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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday morning.

Buckwheat cakes.

In the continuing search for good wholesome food that's not full of chemicals and crap, I was excited to find a box of buckwheat pancake mix in the organic section of my local grocery store for the exact same price as the complete buttermilk mix. I had to mix a batch up this morning a try them out.

Let's just say that this is "Food Not For The Faint of Heart" (TM Me). If you're expecting the buttermilk pancakes that you get with your Grand Slam Breakfast (TM Denny's), these aren't it. First off, they are extremely hearty. In an attempt to thin them out, I put in almost twice as much milk as the recipe called for, and still they were really thick. Mark said that they made him feel like he just ate a whole loaf of bread. And they really soak up the syrup, which, like the jar sauce used in my manicotti, was the fake artificial stuff and not real maple syrup (Which kind of negates the whole point of this experiment, doesn't it?).

However, there is no denying how much better they are for you, and they were tasty, just more in the wheat bread sort of way. I will definitely make them again, only this time I will probably make a smaller batch with blueberries or bananas. Sayonara, Aunt Jemima!

Not much else to report today. Lauren went swimming while Mark did his thing around the yard. I myself have taken on an unexpected project. On a whim, I checked my Shutterfly account and saw that I had a yet another free photo book credited to my account. It expires on June 24th, so I'm scrambling to put something together. It's going to be another Best of book like I made last year.

Off to see if Mark wants to watch Battlestar Galactica with me. Lauren better not be awake at 6 a.m. tomorrow!

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laura vegas said...

i'm so kicking myself for NOT getting my free shutterfly book. lol! i just saw that it was in my account a few days before the expiration date ... and then i paniced and couldn't come up with any ideas of what i wanted the book to be. lol!