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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Best gift ever.

Guess who finally has a remote?

Finally got a chance to try out the remote that Mark gave me for Christmas. In addition to self portraits, I can now easily take family portraits, action shots, covert photos of unsuspecting victims, er, I mean subjects - the possibilities are endless. And no more fooling with the self timer!

Oh, and it's much easier to take a decent photo of yourself when you're in control of the camera. I got this one on the first try. Everyone should have one recent photo of themselves that they like.

Don't quite have this pose thing down yet.

Or at least one that everyone can laugh at.


Melissa Niksic said...

That's very cool. Does the remote work with all camera types?

Melissa said...

Hey, Mip! My remote is specific to Nikon cameras. I know that Canon makes them too for their models. So they may be specific to the make of the camera.