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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Vacances de noel.

Christmas cabinet

Mark and I started Christmas vacation today. I don't have to go back to work until New Year's Eve; he goes back after New Year's Day. It's amazing how not having to deal with work for an extended period of time can vastly improve your mood.

Being that it was the first day of vacation, we took it easy for the most part. I did bake two batches of cookies and made some ornaments, but for me, that's a laid back day.

For lunch, we ordered some Chinese take out. Mark insists that we are the only patrons of our local Chinese restaurant. He points to the fact that they never take our name when we order. Then today, when he ordered plain rice with his meal instead of the usual fried, the woman who answers the phone asked him to confirm that he truly wanted plain rice. So maybe he's on to something.

Anyway, Lauren had already eaten her usual lunch of a peanut butter sandwich and cheesy poofs when she curiously spied my egg roll. I sat by in disbelief as she took it from me and started gnawing on it.

I was so excited, that I almost video taped the event. My child eating something as exotic as an egg roll. It staggers the imagination!

After about three bites, she gave up and handed it back to me (I guess it was at about this point that she made it to the vegetable filling.). I then told her that I was very proud of her for trying a new food and that she's getting to be a big girl because she's eats big girl food.

She replied, "But I'm already a big girl!"

I stand corrected.

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