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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bring on the presents.

A bit o' tree.

Okay, it's not the true meaning of Christmas, but you have to admit that it sure is fun to get stuff.

The first gifts of the season have arrived. Mark received a $50 gift card for Target and a keychain flash hard drive from his boss. My boss sent us Omaha Steaks. We got a package of 16 burgers, 8 bacon wrapped steaks, 8 hotdogs, 8 stuffed potatoes, and sing-it-with-me-'cause-you-knew-it-was-coming -- a partridge in a pear tree! Since we have a very small freezer, we were worried for a second that we weren't going to be able to fit it all (Call the neighbors, the Ross's are having a winter barbecue!), but we somehow managed to find make room by relocating our value pack of Pillsbury buttermilk waffles.

My crew gave me a wonderful gift box filled with the most amazing smelling bath and body stuff. And his may prove to be the best gift of all. You see, after I put on the Pink Buttercream Frosting lotion, Mark got a whiff and declared, "I'm going to eat you up!"

Oh, dear.

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